Monday, September 27, 2010

Technology in classes

For dabbling, the random creation of software by teachers and other individuals is probably the the best part. This experimentation can possibly create a great program to be used in the future or at the very least it will teach those making and using these programs that some progress is needed.

Doing old things in old ways has a few possibilities, but I think that teachers posting material online is the best. This can help students catch up if they were absent for class and can provide information to students who missed it.

When doing old things in new ways, using widgets and simulation apps will probably be the most beneficial. Many courses such as physics is hard for many students because it is hard to visualize some material in their mind. However, using widgets and simulation apps can create the mental images they need to solve problems.

I believe that learning about the newly developing fields such as nanotechnology will be beneficial to many students. Not only does this open the minds of students to various fields, it prepares them for what lies ahead in the world. Also, many of these fields are lacking in specialists because of the lack of knowledge of them, and I believe that this innovation in technology will remedy that.

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