Tuesday, October 5, 2010

eInstruction Global Classroom Makeover Video Contest

For the music video, I was thinking of making a musical kind of video where there is a storyline following the song. We could show the frustration of the students and the teachers about the lack of availability of technology and also the quality of it. Also, using a catchy song with a repeating chorus would be good because it would be easy to sing and will have a lasting effect on the judges.Using a song with rap can provide more room for story-telling and I think that more male students would be more willing to rap than sing.
An idea I had is a parody music video of Love the Way You Lie by Eminem: Love the Way You Lag. We can illustrate students and teachers who hate the laggy computers but pretend to love it because they need it. Having a sarcastic theme can also add in humor to the video.

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