Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enriching Technology (Initial)

Idea: Homework/Assignment E-Mails
Subject Area: All Subjects
Details: The students will write down their e-mails for the teacher at the beginning of the course. The teacher can add all his/her students into contact list categories that are divided into classes. Every time there is homework or an assignment, the teacher can simply send one e-mail to the corresponding category and all the students will receive the e-mail.
Technology Needed: Computers with internet access for students and the teacher at home, E-Mail accounts for the students and teachers
- Students will receive reminders for all homework and assignments
- Teacher can make changes to the homework or assignment at any time
- Instructions for a class can be sent to all students if the teacher will be away
- If students or the teachers have smart phones, the e-mails can be sent or received anytime, anywhere
- If the Internet is not working for a particular student, problems may arise
- Students may become too dependent on the e-mail reminders
1. All students and teachers need to make an e-mail account (IDC student can help if necessary)
2. The teacher needs to make a contact list category with all her students (IDC student can help if necessary)
3. Send e-mails whenever necessary (up to the teacher)

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