Monday, October 25, 2010

Enriching Technology (Final)

Idea: Jing videos for the programming classes

Subject Area: Gr. 12 programming and maybe Gr. 11 programming

Details: The programming classes learn most of the programming alone in grade 12 by doing individual research. Rather than each student researching every command or method, one student can make a Jing video for a specific command or method and upload it onto a website where all the students will have access to it.

Technology Needed: Computers with Jing

- Saves a lot of time for the students
- The students can learn more programming with the saved time
- The videos are easily accessible for review whenever needed

- If a student creates a bad video, it could affect the entire class
- Creating the Jing video can take up time, but it should be balanced by the time saved from other videos, as well making the video can be good review

What Needs to Happen for the Idea to Work:
1. The students need to learn how to use Jing (IDC student can help)
2. Teacher needs to create a website or a source to upload all the videos (IDC student can help)
3. The students need to responsibly upload their videos (IDC student can help in the beginning)


  1. Hi David, great ideas. So here's my critique:

    1) Is this idea realistic?

    I believe that there is the appropriate technology in Ms. Dyke's room i to smoothly run the Jing program. However, do you need a microphone for students to record their voices? Are you planning on having the students do the Jing videos at home?
    I think that you will need to take some time to help explain to Ms. Dyke how Jing works and how to use it - she is pretty tech-savy so that shouldn't take her too long.
    Additionally, I also think that this is a great idea because it will not take too long to plan and implement. All you need to do is propose the idea to her and then train her. But since you wanted the students to create the Jing videos, you could do a little lesson for her classes.

    2) Does the idea enrich learning?

    I believe this will be a very useful addition to the programming courses if done correctly. Firstly, it saves a lot of time. Time for the students and time for the teacher. Ms. Dyke will benefit from it because she will have less material to teach but more material to give out marks for. This idea also increases the students' understanding of concepts because in order to teach it, you must know the material very well. I also like that you suggested for the students to make the videos and not Ms. Dyke. If Ms. Dyke does it, the information will be too readily available to the students. However, because you have the students all working collaboratively and creating tutorials for each other, it lets them demonstrate responsibility and cooperation skills. The idea of working together as class and sharing your findings creates a more friendly and interactive atmosphere and will certainly enhance the learning experience for all the students.

    I like this idea a lot and I think you should go ahead with it! :)

  2. 1) I think this idea is very realistic and straightforward. It would not take long to teach the teachers and students how to use Jing. It’s not complicated to set up since we do have most of the technology required and can install Jing onto the computers in the programming classes. Students can record their videos at home and if they don’t have a microphone they can easily borrow one from one of their peers.

    2) This method of learning would be both helpful to programming students and the teacher. It is a quick and engaging way of getting information, instead of having all the students cram around the computer while a student shows them his/her program. The students will not only know their program better but will also improve their presentation and cooperative skills.

    Overall I think this idea is easy to accomplish and it is definitely worth pursuing :)