Sunday, October 3, 2010

Web 2.0 Tools

For the web 2.0 tools research, I investigated Dropbox.
Dropbox is a storage service that allows the user to save files on his or her Dropbox folder have it accessible by any computer, laptop, or other devices with internet access through his or her Dropbox account. Even if Dropbox is not installed on the device, or the folder is accidentally deleted, all files are backed up and available on the Dropbox website, making it a safe and reliable source of storage. Also, folders can be shared with other users allowing for easy transfer of files between people. The free version only allows for 2 GB of storage but you can pay for more memory.
Teachers could use Dropbox as an online source of class material. Rather than making a website, which would require a lot more time and effort, teachers could create a shared Dropbox folder and give the students access to it. From there, the teacher could easily just put any class material into his or her Dropbox folder for easy access by the students.
As well, Dropbox could be the source of storage used for the netbooks. Students can save their files on their Dropbox folders at home and all the files would be easily accessible through the Dropbox website. This could solve the potential issue of a lack of storage on the netbooks as well as the possibility that students will forget their flash drives.
Here is a great demo of Dropbox:

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